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Custom Dentures Designed for You!

Make sure you have great oral health throughout the year with our denture services.

An Established Denture Clinic in Raymond

A denturist’s sole purpose is to fabricate the right set of teeth to suit your requirements. That is precisely what we do at our denture clinic in Raymond. We also have another facility in Blairmore for your convenience. We understand that each person’s dental structure – like their bodies – is unique. You can rest assured of professional and personalized care from the start to finish and leave with dentures that fit well and boost your confidence. Visit Bite-Rite Denture Clinic for an exceptional service.

Precision Dentures for You

When you visit us, we will begin with a detailed consultation that includes several questions to assess your situation. We will then explain what we can do for you in terms of function, fit and aesthetics. In this appointment, you can find out details on the procedures and materials we offer. Here is what makes us different:

We serve the local community

We are outside of the city and offer a more one-on-one service.

We care about patients

Open in Raymond for 10 years

Work is guaranteed

Less expensive than city denture clinics

Free consultations

We welcome walk-ins

No referrals needed

Implant Dentures

Your teeth contribute greatly in helping you look confident and also affect the ability to enjoy the food you love.
Replacing missing teeth with implant dentures is a proven restoration option with a long history of excellent success rate. Contact us to find out more information on the benefits of dental implants.

Professional Affiliations

Denturist Association of Alberta

College Of Alberta Denturist Association

customized denture

Customized Dentures

We offer complete, partial and immediate denture services.

denture repair

Dentures Not Fitting Well?

Visit us for denture repairs and relining work.


Denture Questions

Take a look at our FAQ section for more information on dentures.

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