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Visit Us in Raymond and Blairmore for Denture Relines and Repairs

If you have broken or poor-fitting dentures, there is no need to despair; we offer relines and repairs. At our clinic in Blairmore, we will analyze the extent of damage and restore your dentures to be as good as new. We also serve customers from our second location in Raymond. All repairs are done at our on-site denture lab while you wait. For comprehensive denture solutions, get in touch with us now.

Why Replace When You Can Repair?

Over time, your mouth experiences changes that can impact your dentures. Weight loss, aging, loss of teeth and bone, or even illness can cause the tissues in your mouth to shrink. These may make your dentures feel loose. When this happens, it means you require a reline. Please note that a reline will not affect the look of your denture, but will improve the fit. Let us give you another reason to stay pleased – loose-fitting dentures need not be replaced and relining or rebasing can fix the problem.

Dentures Repaired with Care

Not all dentures need to be replaced. We can restore your dentures to its original self with our relines and rebase services at our in-house denture lab.

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